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SEZC Series


Product Overview 

EZC MCCB is used in distribution network of AC 50/60HZ, rated voltage 500V, rated current 10A to 630A for power distribution ,line protection, 

and damage prevention from overload and short circuit of the power supply and electric equipment, which improves reliability and continuity of the power supply. 

It accords with international standards of IEC947-1.-2.-4.-5.1.

Product features 

It covers the common breaking capability of secondary power distribution area and electromechanical markets: 

25KA, 36KA and 50KA for products of 1 pole, 2 pole, 3 pole and 4 pole. It has full protection range, including low-voltage distribution system, motor protection, and leakage protection.

Installation types includes fix mounting and plug-in mounting and various accessories can be installed in the field. 

Upper and lower inlet-lines can be exchanged without reducing the capacity to avoid the appearance of "spider web” in the power distribution box. 

The installation position is flexible, being either vertical ,horizontal, side or back, making no difference in the performance. 

Complete accessories for installation and connection are provided to meet different installation requirements. 

Compliance with Standards 

ICE609471-1: General Rules 

IEC60947-2: Circuit Breakers 

IEC60947-3: Load Switch 

IEC60947-4 : Contactors and Motor Starters 

 ICE60947-5.1: Control Circuit Devices and Switching Elements, Automatic Control Components

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