What should I do if the soft starter reports "power undervoltage"?

The principle of the power supply undervoltage and overvoltage protector is that when the overvoltage and undervoltage in the line exceed the specified value, it can automatically disconnect, and can automatically detect the line voltage, and automatically close when the voltage in the line returns to normal.

The control circuit adopts high-speed micro-low power consumption processor as the core, magnetic latching relay as the main circuit, and modular standard design. When overvoltage or undervoltage occurs in the power supply line, the protector can quickly and safely cut off under continuous high-voltage shock. circuit to avoid the occurrence of accidents caused by abnormal voltage being sent into the terminal electrical appliances;

When the voltage returns to the normal value, the protector will automatically connect the circuit within the specified time to ensure the normal operation of the terminal electrical equipment under unattended conditions.


The reason for the action: the set value of the grid voltage (F-07) of the three-phase input power supply, the system will output an alarm in one cycle.


1: Check whether the three-phase input voltage value is lower than the set value of the function code (F-07) undervoltage protection, if it is lower than the set value, please disconnect the power supply and wait for the power supply voltage value to return to the normal value (higher than Function code (F-07) Setting value of undervoltage protection).

2: Check whether the voltage level matches the nameplate on the machine.

3: When F-07 is set to 0, this protection is turned off.